Jason McCarthy, Marquette Township Planning/Zoning Administrator, Interview on 8th Day

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Jason McCarthy on the 8th Day

Jason McCarthy on the 8th Day

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Marquette Township – Jason McCarthy, the Marquette Township Planning and Zoning Administrator, joined Todd Pazz on the 8th Day to discuss the Marquette Township’s plans for the “Porch of the Township,” also known as the the U.S. 41 Corridor.  Marquette Township road construction plans from 2019 and 2021 were discussed.  In addition to a median extension, two roundabouts and several other changes are planned in close coordination with the Michigan Department of Transportation.  The efforts to coordinate and build consensus in the community and among businesses in the 41 corridor were bullet points of the interview.  Road reconstruction plans in 2021 were also touched upon.

The township board, the planning committee, recreation committee, and other township entities are working hard together to secure a 2.5 million dollar grant to create a 150 foot underpass to U.S. 41, which is expected to improve safety and impact communities as far away as Big Bay.   The successful implementation of 2013 five-year plan as well as the next five-year plan got some air time as well.  The township’s planning and implementation of plans have delivered positive revenue growth, local economic improvement, recreation development, and attracted more business and constituents into the township.

The planning commission works to educate the public and business stakeholders.  Jason McCarthy’s said he loves his job, and he particularly enjoys working with businesses to benefit business. He and his office bring business owners and township officials together to detail plans that will impact growth.  The township actively seeks comments and input from the local businesses and the community at every stage of planning.  Informing the public and working with many different state agencies and stakeholders is one of the more satisfying parts of Mr. McCarthy’s job.  He emphasized how his liaison position to the Marquette Township Business Association has provided many insights into the real concerns of local business people.

Open government and transparency of planning were discussed in depth.  The township provides detailed planning and other information to the public including  agendas, meeting packets, and minutes in several ways, including at the Marquette Township offices at 1000 Commerce Drive, by phone at 906.228.6220, and online at Marquette Township website at https://marquettetownship.org, https://marquettetownship.org/planning-zoning/ and https://marquettetownship.org/planning-commission/ Finally, the township efforts to work more closely with the Marquette Downtown Development Authority were discussed.


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