Get Thrilled at the Haunted Corn Maze of Terror in Baraga

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The 8th Day with Todd Paz

The 8th Day with Todd Paz

Baraga, MichiganOctober 26, 2016 – With Halloween fast approaching, time of terror is upon us! Joe DesRochers from the Baraga Field of Terror Haunted Corn Maze joined the 8th Day to talk to Todd Paz about all the scary fun you can have there!

This is the 5th year the Field of Terror Haunted Corn Maze has been running.  Joe and his group used to run a day-time corn maze, but after visitors took it upon themselves to scare the other maze-goers, Joe had the idea to make it a haunted corn maze!

The maze opens up at dark (7:30pm), and Joe says the darkness plays a large factor in the terror.  Once in the maze, visitors are completely encapsulated by corn stocks that reach over their heads and along the path they are surely in for scary surprises.  The maze employs about 15 actors who hide along the maze path in various locations and give visitors quite the scare.

For more information on the Haunted Corn Maze visit their Facebook page.

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