8th Day Interview – Diane Morin – Pete’s Petting Zoo

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One of Pete’s Petting Zoo’s beautiful birds

Marquette, MI – August 20th, 2016 – Disabled veterans returning from overseas are true heroes, but sometimes they encounter difficulties at home after returning. Diane and Pete Morin, owners and operators of Pete’s Petting Zoo just North of Baraga, MI, work hard to help care for animals that have been injured or stranded.

Todd Paz was joined on the phone by Diane Morin to talk about the great cause that they work hard to keep going. The petting zoo is completely free, and that means that everything they pay for is out-of-pocket.

Pete’s Petting Zoo was established in 2009, and it’s tribal non-profit organization within the boundaries of the Keweenaw Bay Indian Reservation in the U.P.  The petting zoo was founded to give animals at risk or in danger a safe haven and to provide the Baraga County community and its visitors with an educational and enjoyable resource.

Animals can be a huge source of comfort for injured and disabled individuals, and scientific evidence has shown that animals can help heal past scars, both mental and physical. Pete’s Petting Zoo has a number of different animals, everything from domestic pigs to rescued deer and birds, and visitors can even mingle with some of the more relaxed residents.

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