8th Day Interview – Ed Garza – Take A Vet Fishing Day

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fishing-19563_960_720Marquette, MI – July 1st, 2016 – Take A Vet Fishing is a nation-wide, non-profit organization seeking to honor, comfort, and assist soldiers suffering from PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and they have an event coming up on July 17th. Todd Paz had the opportunity to speak with Ed Garza, who helps organize the Michigan version of Take A Vet Fishing Day.

“Fishing and the Great Outdoors are a good way for veterans to release stress and begin the healing process,” Ed said in the interview, and Take A Vet Fishing Day both helps honor veterans and also help them heal. They’re always looking for guide boats and other help, and you can make a difference with “a day of giving back.”

This year’s event takes place on Little Bay de Noc, and starts at first light. After the event, attendees are welcome to attend a Veterans Honor Party at about 11:30am. The entire day is filled with events, and you can see the entire schedule and hear all the live audio from the 8th Day below!

LISTEN IN – 8th Day Interview – Ed Garza – Take A Vet Fishing Day

MORE INFO – Take A Vet Fishing Day Event Details

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