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This is a look at the most famous course St. Andrew.

On my bucket list is golfing in Great Britain. This is a look at the most famous course St. Andrew.

Marquette, MI- July 21st, 2017- With the Open Championship (British Open) going on this weekend it has reminded me of one of the items on my bucket list. I want to take a trip to the U.K. to play golf. I know there are plenty of other sites to see and yes, I’m sure I would enjoy go to see those. But the most important thing on what I want to do while I’m there is play golf.

I have played a couple of Links styled courses here in Michigan (that is the style of courses over there). The most notable one I’ve played is The Gales in Oscoda. If you love golf and haven’t played there you must try it. But golf originated in Scotland, so why not go play where the sport itself was created. Over there golf is not just a sport, it is literally a part of their history and lifestyle.

It is the same instance as baseball here, we call it America’s past time don’t we? That was created in the 1800’s here but golf in Scotland you can find that it goes all the way back to the 1500’s! Granted that was hitting pebbles with a stick on sand dunes but there was still a game with rules. The first international golf match was 1682. I want to go play golf through history.

I had a great time this morning and hope you have a great weekend. I’ll be on air tomorrow from 3-6 pm on Sunny FM. You can see more at my web page.