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The all new season of Game of Thrones starts this Sunday on HBO.

The all new season of Game of Thrones starts this Sunday on HBO.

Marquette, MI- July 14th, 2017- HBO’s hit series Game Of Thrones starts back up on Sunday night with their seventh season. It is a much anticipated season because us fans have had to wait a year since the last season ended. Typically the show starts in spring but the show makers needed to wait to film because they needed the winter season for filming.

It has been a year since we have seen all of our favorite characters and all of our most hated villains. With so much time in between the seasons there has been so much speculation on what fans think will happen to all of them.The show is based on books written by famous author George R. R. Martin and with the show ahead of the books all we have to go on is speculation.

There are things that are always certain with the show. Somebody we love on the show will not survive. A villain we hate will somehow manage to live. It will be a season of surprises I am sure because every season is.

Who will win the Throne? Will it even matter? Which of our favorite characters will survive? Will we see our most hated villains prevail? There is one thing I do know, I cannot wait for the season to start, it has been too long of a wait.

I had fun this morning and hope you have a great weekend. You can catch me on Sunny FM for Sunny Weekend in the 80’s from 3-6 pm tomorrow. You can see more at my web page.