Reducing Stress at Work or Home. Some days just SUCK!

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Heal Thyself!

How not to end up like this...

Marquette, Michigan –

Some days just SUCK!!

Tight deadlines at work, kids at home not acting their age and ignoring their classwork; co-workers bringing you in on their issues while you’re dealing with your own….SUCKS!  Here are some quick tips on how to blow-off the steam while not blowing your top.

-WALK AWAY!  Just remove yourself from the situation as soon as possible.  Fake a phone call or make up an appointment and just get out.  20 minutes should be enough for most.

-ACCOMPLISH A TASK YOU’VE BEEN PUTTING OFF.  Cleaning your desk area is a great way to start.  You’ll look busy so others around you might leave you alone…plus you’ll be getting something productive done which makes all of us feel better.

-VENT!  It helps to talk to a dis-interested third party about who/what is stressing you out.  Warn that person that it’s coming first, then let it all out.  You’ll feel better getting it off your chest, but be ready; you may need to return the favor one day.

-TAKE A MOMENT AND COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!  Close the door, take a breath and then close your eyes and think about the good things in your life.  For most of us, the good outweighs the bad; always keep that thought in the forefront of your day.  A positive attitude from you may help ease the stress of others around you as well as your own.

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