The Health Benefits of Eggs, and they make everyday food taste better too!

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mmmmmmm...eggs are good for you too!

Long ago, Mark and Walt introduced you the “The Ken’s Deluxe,” a burger from Mark’s past from the long-gone Pine Bar Restaurant in Wausau, Wisconin.  Little did we know just how healthy one certain element of this culinary adventure was.  The egg.

As a reminder, the “Ken’s Deluxe” was a quarter-pound burger with both American and Swiss Cheese; a quarter-inch thick slice of raw onion and a fried egg on top.  And by far the best burger…EVER!

Well, adding a fried egg to any sandwich isn’t only delicious…there’s only 70-90 calories per egg; but most important there’s 6 grams of protein (12% of your daily need)  which is great for building lean muscle.  Protein rich foods also make you feel full longer, so adding a fried egg to a turkey sandwich for example would nearly DOUBLE your protein intake in one just one satisfying meal!

As with any food, moderation is key; but when in doubt don’t skip the egg!  Good, and good for you and your everyday “Battle of The Buldge.”

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