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August 25 2012-

Dan Adamini In The Right Mind

Dan Adamini from In The Right Mind

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This morning’s show covered two topics which were the new proposed legislation that would allow people to hunt wolves in Michigan, and also the proposed severance tax for mines.






Representative Matt Huuki

Wolf Hunting Law

Representative Matt Huuki has introduced legislation to allow the hunting of wolves.  The Department of Natural Resources has made mistakes in the past, but for this issue they have gotten it right.  The state has tried to allow for wolf hunting before but the federal laws have stopped that.  Now the feds have gotten out of the way, and the state are able to allow hunting.

All of the wolves now in the upper peninsula were not actually placed by the DNR, but actually migrated from surrounding areas.  This was after numbers were down to 6 in the 1970s.  Part of the recovery is from protection but also from the protection of the animals they eat as well.

Also included in the law is allowing people to shoot wolves in defense of themselves or pets as well.

Changes To Tax The Mine

Currently, the mines are taxed based on the estimate of how valuable the current ore is under the ground.  This is much like a property tax.  This is problematic though as estimates are usually low and it forces mines to pay taxes before the ore is actually pulled out of the ground.

A new proposed tax would work more as a sales tax on mines.  As the ore is taken out, it is taxed.  This makes it much easier for mines to pay, and also the tax is not based on an estimate.  Everyone can share the revenue as it comes in.

Think that the Marquette County board would be happy with this?  Nope.  The board did not support the idea and went to the governor on this issue.  Now, if the change goes through, the state wants a share.  If the board had supported Representative Huuki from the start, almost all of the money from the mine would have stayed local like he had wanted.

Callers This Morning

Caller #1 this morning called in this morning thinking that if a wolf is in your backyard you should be able to shoot them no questions asked.  He works out in the woods, and has shot wolves before while working.  He thinks they shouldn’t have been protected.

Caller #2 asked Dan if he thought the wolf issue should be put up for vote for the citizens to decide.  Dan responded that we vote for legislatures to make these decisions and that’s their role.

Caller #3 this morning was the last caller on the wolf issue.  As a country girl she loves the wild and lives up here because there are wolves and other animals in the forest.  If you don’t like that, you can move downstate.  It’s ridiculous to push the wolf population to the 300-ish that the DNR wants to do.  Also we as humans are pushing into wild, pushing the wolves out of their territory.

Caller #4 called during the change in the way of taxing the mines.  He was just wondering how many members were on the county board and how many Republicans and Democratics were on the board.  Dan told the caller that there are nine members: eight Dems and one Independent.  The caller said that he hopes that people look at what they value and vote according to what they believe on this issue.

One Response to Wolf Hunting and Changes On The Way To Tax Mines This Morning On InTheRightMind

  1. I don’t think your going to have to worry about not being able to see a wolf in the UP if that’s part of what you love up here. If your in danger I think you should be able to defend yourself, your pet, your livestock, or your livelihood for that matter.
    With a healthy wolf population, I think a limited number of wolf hunting licenses given out per year would be a good thing.

    Joe Hanna
    January 1, 2013 at 3:43 pm

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