My Nike Glasses Have Served Me Well But I Am Off To A New Pair Of Tommy Hillfiger

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The sign of a pretty good optical place in my humble opinion

The sign of a pretty good optical place in my humble opinion

Marquette April 25, 2014 – I am the proud owner of new Tommy Hilfiger glasses with HD lens and a multi year warranty from Shopko Optical in Marquette.

I was told repeatedly that I needed new glasses. It came up often at Great Lakes Radio offices. It also was mentioned at home by my wife.  Basically, I was hearing that I was not seeing clearly. So I finally gave in because an appointment was set for me at Shopko Optical at the Marquette store on West Washington Street.

With much trepidation I went to my appointment in April.  I was greeted by an Optician Tammy.  She ushered me over to Optician Justin. We entered a little exam room and he checked my eyes for color blindness and got medical informatio0n.

Optometrist Sandy MacPhee, O.D.

Optometrist Sandy MacPhee, O.D.

About two minutes later optometrist Sandy MacPhee took me into the examining room where she performed numerous tests.  I acted as if I could read every line.  And from what I remember, I did.  So the outcome was my left eye became slightly less effective and my prescription changed by .25%.  My right eye was still rather stellar yet.  Sandy asked me  if I used reading glasses at home.   My cheaters, as I call them, are a 2.0 power.  So she suggested we raise my transitional bi-focal from a 1.25 to 1.75 in my new glasses.

Optician Tammy showed me numerous frame options and we narrowed it down to 8.

Shopko Optical Marquette Michigan First Visit 15

Optician Tammy had 8 frames out there for me to choose from which can create a little bit of wondering what to do

Ohh boy I thought. Then she explained the numerous new HD options.  I though reaaaaly!  HD was only a television or Direct TV concept in my mind and now she presented going HD in my new Tommy Hilfiger frames. I went to standard HD.

A couple of weeks passed and I received a call they were in.  I met Optician Wendi, who helped me find the perfect fit. I put them on and said felt WOW.  These are different.  I don’t know.

Hmm did I make the wrong choice?

Will ever get use to them?

Shopko Optical Marquette Michigan-008

Optician Wendi, an avid Sunny.FM Shopping Show customer, helped me decide that I liked them.


Optician Wendi explained that I should not put them on in the middle of the day but wait till I had a full nights rest.  Then my eyes would adjust better and these wouldn’t seem so foreign to me.  Wendi also reminded me I have a 90 day return option if they don’t work.  She said since I would be wearing these for the next two years Shopko Optical wanted to make sure I was 100% happy.  I also have additional warranties on the frame and lens that I was unaware of.

Thank you Opticians Wendi and Tammy. You guys rock!

Thank you Opticians Wendi and Tammy. You guys rock!


Tomorrow morning I will pack away my 4 year old Nike glasses and move to my new Tommy Hilfiger Shopko Optical glasses with a boost in the left lens of .25% and a 1.75 gain in the bottom.  The jury is out!


Now let me wrap this up… The jury is NOT out on how Shopko dealt with me. That was a 10 out of 10. From Justin, to Sandy…From Nancy to Wendi, I had a seamless experience with Shopko Optical the Marquette store.

Todd Noordyks New Tommy Hilfiger Glasses from Shopko Optical Marquette

Todd Noordyks New Tommy Hilfiger Glasses from Shopko Optical Marquette

So there… thanks Shopko.

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