Visit the Four Seasons Small Engine 906 State Fair Booth and Save on Year End Clearance

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See the Altoz Zero Turn Mower at the 906 State Fair.

See the Altoz Zero Turn Mower at the 906 State Fair.

Marquette, MI  –   August 15, 2017  –  There is still plenty of lawn mowing season left; why stay with that junky old push mower? Four Seasons Small Engine has top of the line zero turn mowers that they’re bringing right to the 906 State Fair!

Flat ground or rough terrain the Altoz Zero Turn Mower line can handle it all. With suspension seating and weigh adjustments for the operator, your ride will always be smooth! Cutting an acre in just 12 minutes, the incredible speed and precision will have you mowing your yard in half the time!

Don’t miss out on that golf or fishing trip because mowing the lawn takes so long. Purchase your Altoz Mower from Mike at the 906 State Fair so you can get out and enjoy the rest of your summer.

With year ending clearance at the fair, Four Seasons Small Engine will have great price cuts on the Altoz Zero Turn Mowers. Mike and Paula at Four Seasons also plan to bring many other products they care at their Escanaba based shop including the new Toro Exclusive – My Ride, Cub Cadet XT1s, and the latest from Grasshopper.

Follow them on Facebook or visit the website for more information about Four Seasons Small Engine. You can contact Mike or Paula at (906) 789-1760.

Visit the store at 1423 N Lincoln, Escanaba, Michigan.

Listen to Mike talk about the Altoz Zero Turn Mower

Listen to Mike talk about the 906 State Fair in Escanaba, MI

Watch Mike introduce the Grasshopper