From CNA Up – Your Career After Certified Nursing Assistant

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Visit Eastwood Nursing Center at 900 Maas Street in Negaunee.

Visit Eastwood Nursing Center at 900 Maas Street in Negaunee.

Marquette, MI  –  September 13, 2018  –  Being a Certified Nursing Assistant can open the door to many future career possibilities. The position is the perfect starting point for getting into the nursing field, but there are so many more directions you can go! We took a trip over to Eastwood Nursing Center to met some staff members who have moved into new careers since starting as a CNA.

Eastwood Nursing Center and sister facility, Norlite, pride themselves on being a family owned and operated company. The experience of working at these locations is enriched by the fact that even the administrators have experience as Certified Nursing Assistants and truly understand what the job demands! Now Assistant Administrator at Eastwood Nursing Center, Ray Johnson talked to us about his time as a CNA and how it helps him work with the staff on a day to day base. We also heard from Amanda Gustafson who worked as a CNA through college. She now manages the Dietary Department at Eastwood Nursing Center and loves having the chance to make people happy with food!

Licensed Practical Nursing Christ Gaboury talked to us about how important starting as a Certified Nursing Assistant was for her and how much it has improved her interaction with other coworkers. We also talked with Meghan Hakala who has been an LNP for just a year now, and Heather Moore who will be going on to become a Registered Nursing in the next year.

Dietary Manager and Head of the Dietary Department, Amanda Gustafson.

Dietary Manager and Head of the Dietary Department, Amanda Gustafson.

We also chatted with Amy Farley, a woman who has had quite the career at Eastwood. She stayed on as CNA for two and a half years before moving into a roll as an Activities Coordinator. As a coordinator, Amy got to work with all of the residents at Eastwood before find what would be a 20-year career as Assistant Activities Director.

For a fourth option of where being a CNA can take you in your career, we sat down with Social Worker Nicole McGill. Being a Certified Nursing Assistant set Nicole on a path where she was able to find passion and purpose as well as a life long career. Working as a Certified Nursing Assistant offers endless opportunities in all directions! From Dietary Manager to Social Worker, being a CNA was the start for everyone we talked to at Eastwood, and it can be the start for you too.  Eastwood and Norlite are looking for caring, committed individuals who already have experience in nursing or want to start a new career in the medical field! The facilities will cover the training costs to become a CNA and provide a hands on learning experience to practice and improve your skills. Check out the video below and when you’re ready, apply online!


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