Start Your New Career at Norlite or Eastwood Nursing Center with Paid CNA Training

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Quality Improvement Manager at Norlite Assisted Living, Wayne R. Johnson MBA, NHA.

Quality Improvement Manager at Norlite Assisted Living, Wayne R. Johnson MBA, NHA.

Marquette, MI  –  July 24, 2018  –  Finding a career path that you actually love is a hard thing to do. Finding a profitable career path you enjoy is even harder. Family-owned and operated Norlite and Eastwood Nursing Centers can provide you with the first step toward that fulfilling, profitable career.

Join the team at the Marquette County based nursing centers and start your new career. Eastwood and Norlite will cover your certification costs providing you with a location to learn the ropes and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. Along with gaining a professional title in the field, you’ll also acquire real world experience right here in Marquette or Negaunee. Starting as CNA is a great first step toward becoming a Registered Nurse or Licensed Practical Nurse. Learn all of the standards and codes, the importance of bed sign manner, and how to provide support on a day to day basis when you apply for a position at Eastwood or Norlite.

Have questions? Give Norlite a call at (906) 228-9252

Have questions? Give Norlite a call at (906) 228-9252

Both facilities provide services to individuals and families seeking short-term rehabilitation or long-term care services. You’ll have the chance to learn about rehab services and dietary management on top of the average day to day, or night to night tasks at the centers.

Eastwood and Norlite are looking for caring, committed individuals who already have experience in nursing or want to start a new career in the medical field!

While visiting Norlite Nursing Center and Rehab we talked Certified Nursing Assistants, Maddie C., Rachel M., Alli S., and Emma B. , each of whom went through the training process at one of the two facilities. See what they had to say for yourself, and when you’re ready, apply here.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant at Norlite:

See photos from Norlite Nursing Center and Rehab:


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