Save Up To 70% On New Flooring For Your Home!

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Connie and Frank from Carpet One Outlet Store in Marquette

Connie and Frank from Carpet One Outlet Store in Marquette

It’s time to redo the flooring at your home or camp, and while you’re at it, it’s time to save some money!

Carpet One Carpet Specialists’ Outlet Center in Marquette has plenty of great discounts on amazing flooring for your home. With over a million dollars worth of inventory in stock, they have a bigger selection than you can imagine, and can help you find the perfect flooring option for you.

How does Carpet One offer such great prices? Here’s their ‘secret’: they buy better, so they can sell better. The deals they get are passed on to you, everybody wins!

So what’ll it be? Carpet, vinyl, tiles,  LVT, laminates? Regardless of how you want to upgrade the flooring in your home, Carpet One has everything you need.

Wait, did I mention up to 70% off? Yeah, 70%! With those kind of discounts you can redo your flooring, and your neighbors!

If you haven’t been in there yet, stop by the Carpet One Outlet Center in Marquette. It’s right next to the old Bonanza building, on US 41 in Marquette. Frank and Connie can help you save money on your next flooring project today!

Listen to Carpet One’s Scott Patrick talk about the Outlet Center on the Sunny Morning Show


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