UPBargains.com – Deal of the Day: Dozen Donuts from Super One Foods of Marquette

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Marquette, MI  –  September 11, 2018  –  Make your day a little better with something sweet! UPBargains.com has the answer to winning your co-workers over or ending those sugary cravings. Now you can get a dozen donuts (cake or raised) from Super One Foods of Marquette for just $8!

You’ll be the office hero, the Sugar Princess, the Baked Goods King! Okay, we can’t actually promise you stardom, but we can promise you twelve freshly baked donuts at 25% off! You can pick out your selection or have a box packed up and ready to go for you when you get to the grocery store.

To purchase your certificate, visit UPBargains.com and order with our easy to use online store. Great Lakes Radio is located right next to Super One Foods of Marquette with makes this the perfect certificate to pick up and use right away! Just drop buy during office hours to pick up your pre-ordered certificate or pay at the station, then swing on over to Super One and pick out your sweets.

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