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Renderings of what the Trillium House is expected to look like.
They are getting very close to finishing up the build.
A nice wooded view separates the facility form the rest of the neighborhood.
Contact Pat Bray, Executive Director at Trillium House.
Visit trilliumhospicehouse.org to learn more.
Looking at the front desk at the main entrance of the building.
Marquette's newest hospice home.
The bathrooms will be fully equip for people in the late stages of life.
Many sections of the building are just about complete!
Trillium only needs $70,000 to reach their goal.
No one in the late stages of a terminal diagnosis will be turned away at Trillium.
The main entrance at Trillium House in Marquette.
This beautiful building is tucked away off Forest Park Drive in Marquette Township.
Make sure to learn more about Trillium on their website trilliumhospicehouse.org
There are a lot of local names working on this project including Sunrise Builders, JP Electric and Swick Home Services.
A safe and supportive environment for people to live out the final stages of their lives.

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