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We're out reporting live from Frei Chevrolet!
Bring a toy with you to drop in the box!
Check out the show room and the lot and find your next vehicle!
Get employee pricing on all 2017 models!
Frei Chevrolet located on US-41 in Marquette.
The Major checking out the lot.
A really nice Tommy gate on the back of this truck.
Come out to Frei Chevrolet from the 2017 Closeout Event.
Pizza has arrived!
Make Every Day A Freiday with Frei Chevrolet.
2017 Silverados on sale at em2017 Silverados on sale at employee pricing!ployee pricing!
Find New Roads in a Chevy from Frei Chevrolet.
The radio guys know where the sales are! Join Major Discount at Frei Chevrolet for Pizza and big savings.
Sunny's Walt Lindala the show room vehicles.
Come sit where the Great Walt Lindala sat!
Sales run all day and through November 30th for the 2017 Closeout Event.
Come test drive a vehicle with sign and drive leases available!
Get into Frei Chevrolet!
Shop online at freichevy.com!
Come talk to a sales rep at Frei Chevy.