First Responders and Law Enforcement Gathered at Westwood Mall to Interact with Community During 2017 Prepare Fair

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Kids got to play around with all of the big kid toys

That shield is almost as large as her!

Marquette, MI  –  September 7, 2017  –   Despite the cloudy skies, the rain held off and we even saw a bit of sun at today’s Prepare Fair. The Emergency Management and Homeland Security Division of the Michigan State Police collaborated with Marquette County Emergency Management to host the 2017 Prepare Fair. Designed to help families prepare for emergencies, First Responders and Law Enforcement were also out today to reminder people that even in the Upper Peninsula, disasters do exist.

Each organization was around for the meet and greet to interact with the community, provide free information and promotional materials, and show of some toys! The Michigan State Police had one of their drones on site with a large scale printed example of how the unmanned aircraft is used. The police often use drones to survey scenes and accidents and produce imagery of the surrounded area. The MSP Bomb Squad brought out their big robot and gear. The bomb squad suites, while designed to protect the wearer, weight 80lbs with another 13 lbs coming from the helmet!

Other groups joined in the parking lot as well like the HOPE Animal-Assisted Crisis Response group. These guys go into schools and work with students as well as disaster zones like Ground Zero during September 11 and Hurricane Harvey. Attendees had a chance to make some four legged friends, meeting Bella, and Kayak from HOPE. The Society of St. Vincent de Paul was also on site to explain what they do as second responders. Something I did not know is that St. Vincent sends staff and volunteers into areas with their House in a Box Program providing families in need with everything necessary to get back on their feet.

Some of the bomb squad gear, which weighs 80 lbs.

Some of the bomb squad gear, which weighs 80 lbs.

While the Major was reporting live on Sunny.FM 101.9, I was wandering around the Westwood Mall parking lot chatting with representatives. I asked a number of the first responders if they had anything they wanted us to know!

Here’s what they said:

  • The Coast Guard said:
    • Travel with a buddy! Don’t explore own your own.
    • Tell people where you are going when you do go on a trip.
  • UP Health Systems EMS said:
    • Pull to the right! When you see those lights or hear the siren, pull over.
  • The Michigan State Police Bomb Squad said:
    • They also come out to homes and remove old explosives like dynamite from the mining days etc completely free. They want to help get rid of dangerous materials and just care about safety! “You would be surprised what people have at their homes.”

Listen to the Major chat with representatives at the 2017 Prepare Fair

Major Discount says hi from the Pre-Pare Fair

The Major speaks with a member from SWAT!

Search and Rescue division speaks with our very own Major Discount

The Bomb Squad talks about their cool robot

Major Discount signs off from the Pre-Pare Fair