What Are You Looking for This Christmas?

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Bring some magic back to your Christmas. Think about the sights, sounds, and smells that made Christmas so exciting when you were a child.

Marquette, MI December 1, 2016 – Here it is December 1st and I haven’t even started my Christmas shopping. Every year someone tells me I’m crazy for waiting so long to start my shopping. Sometimes I even think about getting my Christmas shopping done early next year, but every year I wait until the middle of December to start shopping!

I don’t do Black Friday shopping anymore. It’s been a long time since I braved the crowds for any Black Friday deal. Nothing saps my Christmas spirit faster than people being rude to each other in a retail setting.

I could do online shopping, but the real reason I wait is because I’m looking for something. See, Christmas shopping is almost as much fun as Christmas morning for me.

When I was small, shopping for Christmas presents with my big brother was one of the best things about Christmas. My parents would turn us loose on the shops in downtown Escanaba (they followed us and hid so we wouldn’t see them). We thought we were so grown up.

Christmas ornament 1982 nancy and pete

Me and my big brother, Pete, in 1982. We were such cute kids!

My big brother would hold my little mittened hand and we would walk from store to store searching for the perfect gift for our parents. Something pretty for mom and usually something outdoorsy for dad. Our parents always let us pick out presents for them. Nothing huge, but the fun was in walking down the sidewalk as Christmas music played and stopping to look at everything.

Bright lights shone from the stores where all the best gifts were on display in the big front windows. Pine boughs and lights were strung up along the buildings and everything seemed to glitter from the decorations hung by the city to the snow that fell on the ground.

Christmas shopping isn’t about searching for the perfect gift anymore… nowadays I’m hoping to find a little bit of that Christmas magic from my childhood, the kind that you see in people’s faces a couple weeks before Christmas. Bonus if the snow is falling and it looks like someone shook a snow globe when I leave the store.

That’s why I wait to do my Christmas shopping. Are you finished with yours?