Celebrate Fall it is Pumpkin Day! – Oct. 26

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Pumpkins at Hulkonen’s Farm in Nisula

Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio)  – Pumpkins, what makes more of a fall statement than this iconic orange vegetable? Once you begin seeing pumpkins on the shelves in your local grocer or at the farmers market, you know fall is in full swing! Today just so happens to be Pumpkin Day, so if you haven not already gone and bought some pumpkins (real or fake) go do it today! Maybe you are not a fan of the bright orange color that pumpkins are famous for, you can always paint your pumpkin instead of carving it. There is also a plethora of fake pumpkins that come in many different sizes and colors that you can use year after year!

Not only do pumpkins represent today, but also the month of October and the fall season. Jack – O – Lanterns are the most recognizable symbol for Halloween. You can always tell when Halloween is approaching when Jack – O – Lanterns start popping up around your neighborhood. Originally Jack – O – Lanterns were carved from potatoes, beets, or turnips to frighten away evil spirits. Pumpkins were not used originally because there were none in Europe at the time. When immigrants began coming to the United States they brought this tradition with them, and soon found that pumpkins make the best Jack – O – Lanterns!

There are so many ways that you can celebrate Pumpkin Day, or even fall in general! You can get your favorite seasonal coffee drink at your favorite coffee stop, or you could go to a pumpkin patch! Have you already made pumpkin pie, or at least gone and bought one, if not it is a perfect time to. Maybe you are not a fan of sweets, have you tried pumpkin soup? It is a perfect savory take on the vegetable of the season!

Happy Pumpkin Day!