Happy Pizza Month! – Oct. 14

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Marquette, MI – (Great Lakes Radio) – Who doesn’t love pizza? It is the perfect late night snack, quick breakfast, and great companion to any movie or game night. October is Pizza Month, so why not celebrate? Get yourself a personal pan, or extra large and fill it with your favorite toppings. Make your own crust at home, or buy one store bought. Order take out or delivery. There are so many ways to celebrate this month!

pizzaThe first Pizza Month was celebrated in 1984 thanks to the publisher of Pizza Today, an entire magazine dedicated to this cheesy goodness we all know and love. Of course we have the Italians thank for giving us the beginnings of this delicious dish. Although, the pizza that we know today did not come into existence until 16th century thanks to the discovery of the tomato.

There are so many ways to eat a pizza. You can pick it up with your hands, use a fork and knife, or eat a convenient pizza pocket. You can also make a pizza any way your heart desires, in a conventional oven, a brick oven, on a grill, or in the microwave!

Today you can choose from almost any type of pizza you could possibly think of! There are the originals: pepperoni, cheese, mushroom, or you can go a little more exotic: feta, avocado, barbecue, and even dessert or fruit pizzas! There are even different types of crust to choose from: pan, deep dish, thin, garlic brushed, stuffed crust, hand tossed, and many more. You do not even have to go with the tried and true tomato sauce if you do not want to! Try out an olive oil or cheese sauce base.

Even the pickiest eaters have no problem agreeing on pizza! The options for pizza seem limitless! No matter your favorite topping, this month is an excuse for all of us to eat as much pizza as possible! But who really needs an excuse? I’m thinking about a thin crust, black olive, onion, pepperoni, and banana pepper pizza with extra cheese for dinner tonight (delivery of course).