Today is Pet Obesity Awareness Day – Oct. 12

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Marquette, Michigan – (Great Lakes Radio) – Everyone can take pleasure in watching a fat cat try to roll over, or a pudgy puppy try and get up stairs, but not all chubby pets are healthy. Is your cat starting to look more and more like an actual loaf of bread? Is your pug beginning to resemble a pig? As cute as it may be, being chubby can be detrimental to your pet’s health. An extra scrap off the table here, or another treat there really adds up on a beloved family pet. They can be so cute when they beg for your dinner, which makes it difficult to say no, but feeding your pet extra on top of their normal meals is not good. Every now and then treats and extras pose no threat to your family’s pet, but in excess it can shorten their life.

peek-a-boo-cat-eyes-23441279626324n0rf-1Sometimes weight gain is normal, or even suggested for a pet, but if your pet is sleeping next to their food bowl waiting for a meal, and then snarfs it down faster than you can fill the bowl and still wants more, you may need to call and make an appointment at your favorite vet. You do not have to put your pet on a rigorous workout schedule to help them shed a few pounds, you can change up their food, or give them a few extra minutes of play time each day. That does not sound to bad, who does not want to play with their pet? There are plenty of options to help regulate your pet’s weight, just ask your vet, or take a trip to a local pet supply store.

If your pet is too young to be affected by old age, or otherwise healthy then maybe their weight is affecting their way of life. Maybe the weight gain is not noticeable to you, but others comment about your extra fluffy pet. Weight gain can affect your pet the same way it can affect you, they feel tired and become less likely to be as active as they once were. This can cause problems to more than just your pet’s waist line, just like when humans gain too much weight, an overweight pet can have more issues than just weight gain. As much as we, as humans, worry about our weight, many pet owners do not think twice about their pet’s weight. Of course, chubby pets are adorable, but it is not always healthy. Take your pets to the vet regularly to make sure they are healthy and happy. Remember, your pet cannot tell you if its getting hard them to make it up those stairs, or chase after that ball.