Face Your Fears Today! – Oct. 11

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Marquette, Michigan – (Great Lakes Radio) – Everyone is scared of something, rational or irrational. Fears keep us from doing many things, they could keep us home on a Friday night, away from water, or stuck driving cross country because a family member fears flying. Today is Face Your Fears Day, so seize the day!

fearSometimes fears are irrational, rational, and sometimes they are shared with the majority of people. Sometimes there is no explanation for why someone fears spiders, they just do. Other times a fear of dogs has manifested itself from a traumatizing experience as a child. Sometimes fears are grown into, like a fear of being unstable in a career choice, or grown out of, such as a fear of the dark, or monsters under the bed.

Face Your Fears Day is not about fearing anything, it is about overcoming and expressing your fears. Today is the day to begin to try and overcome the small fears first, and work your way up to being fearless! Encourage others to overcome their fears today, or just to express them to you. Begin with the irrational fears, start small, and work your way into a life where spiders are only slightly creepy, book a short flight to Detroit instead of driving, or go to your friend’s house who just got that new puppy.

How would your life be different if you decided to face those fears today? Would you gain new experiences or friends? You can begin here with 13 Tips to Face Your Fear and Enjoy the Ride, so take today by the horns and begin a new journey!