World Teacher’s Day! Thank your favorite teacher today! – Oct. 5

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teacherMarquette, Michigan – (Great Lakes Radio) – Do you remember your favorite teacher? Maybe you have more than one? Are you a teacher? If you answered yes to any of those questions then today is the day for you, World Teacher’s Day! Make sure to thank your teachers, past or present, for making sure you have an education, or just making an impact in your life!

I was lucky enough to have multiple teachers in my family, so this day has a special spot in my heart. My mother, although she was never my teacher, obviously has to be my favorite! I have been able to grow up and watch her do what she loves every day, and get summers off! Most of my friends thought it was a little odd that I spent so much time at school, or that we always had teachers at our house, but it was just another day in the life of a teacher’s daughter for me.

Most of my mother’s friends were in the education profession, and many also happened to teach either my brother and sister or I. Really, having a teacher as a parent is no different than any other profession, if my mom had been a hair stylist I am sure she would have made friends at work there too. So, having my mother make friends with my past teachers was nothing odd to me. The only downfall was she always knew what happened at school before I got home and could come up with a different story!

Of course I had my favorite teachers that taught me as well. One was my fourth grade teacher, Mrs. Meyer, I came to her class when we moved to where my family lives now in Fairview (a very small town in Tennessee). Mrs. Meyer was also lucky enough to teach my brother and sister! The impact that she had on me could have been because of the move we had just made at the beginning of the school year, or maybe because she and her husband treated us like family from the day we moved to Fairview. We would go trick-or-treating in their neighborhood, they would come to big celebrations we had, and even let us use their basement as storage when my great grandmother passed away.

Teachers really are more than just teachers. They help mold children into individuals and teach you a little something along the way. Even if you cannot see it when you are in school, looking back on certain teachers can prove just how much of an impact they have on our lives. Whether you hated school or loved it, at some point a teacher made a difference in your life, so make sure to thank them today!