13 Hours & 3 Months Later – Oct. 3

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Marquette, Michigan – (Great Lakes Radio) – Moving from Nashville, Tennessee to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan was not only a time consuming endeavor, but something completely out of my comfort zone. Considering I have lived in Tennessee my whole life, the thought of being 13 hours away from everyone I know was a little scary (thank goodness I have two gray cats to keep me company). My husband has been here for a year, and I have visited a few times before. I quite seriously thought that it never got hot, let alone warm enough for me to want to wear shorts. I am use to 90 degree weather, with 80 percent humidity, and no breeze, you walk outside and immediately melt. I thought the climate here was a perpetual autumn, and then winter. I was wrong. After spending a summer here, with no air conditioning, I really have taken that luxury for granted for almost 25 years.

I spent my first few weeks up here happily unemployed, but that jubilation ended quickly once everything was unpacked. And so the job search began, and continued, and lasted a little bit longer. That is when I stumbled upon an opening here at Great Lakes Radio, at this point in the search for employment my hopes on landing a job were not very high, but I applied anyway. My first interview went wonderful, which led to a second, and then a call from Todd P. with the question I had been waiting to hear form almost three months, “would you like the job?” I graciously accepted and began my first day the next morning. The family here at GLR has made me feel right at home, with coffee always brewing and snacks always being shared. I feel like I have been here for a lifetime already! There might still be a language barrier, thanks to my southern accent and use of ya’ll, but I know the drawl will grow on people the longer I am here!

My husband, our two cats, and I are all living in Ishpeming, and loving the Upper Peninsula! While on the job search I was able to travel a bit around the Upper Peninsula, and enjoy the scenery. So far autumn might be my favorite season up here (and anywhere else). The leaves are absolutely beautiful! Although I am not looking forward to my first winter, I love snow, but only when I can look at it from inside where it is warm and dry. Where I come from a flurry shuts the state down, hopefully I can master driving in the snow quickly!