Traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall Comes to Marquette Thanks to AVTT

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Veterans and AVTT

Veterans and AVTT Enjoy the Wall and Ceremonies

Marquette, MIJune 29, 2016 — The traveling Vietnam War Memorial Wall stopped in Marquette from June 26 – 30 at the Superior Dome. Hundreds of people came to enjoy the flags, conversations and the wall itself. Many traveled to Marquette specifically to see the wall which is based in Texas and is a replica of the real wall monument in Washington D.C. The Wall was free to see, but donations were accepted.

At The Wall, there was a memorial wreath displayed on a common rifle used during the Vietnam War. This wreath was for all of the local veterans that died. From the Upper Peninsula, 65,000 soldiers died in the War including several Finish people. For these people, their Finish names are displayed on the memorial wall.

At this special event, many stories were shared. One veteran rode the Carrier CV64, called the Connie, and he said when they were going around the tip of South America, he went out on the angle deck and was watch the waves crash over the bow of the carrier. This was described as being both amazing and frightening. Another story came from a man who was on a destroyer while they went through a Typhoon. He said the pressure went up and down so severely that everybody on the ship got sick, even those who were on the ship for years.

Approximately 10,000 people saw and were affected by  the wall while it was here in Marquette. Volunteers helped set up and take down the wall which took around an hour and a half  for both. There is also one veteran who travels with the wall and has been on the road with it for four months now, and the crew calls him Houston.

Photographer Mark Johnson said at the event, “I found it very interesting listening to the stories no only from the Vietnam Vets, but also from other Vets. Some of the stories were very sad. I can honestly say this, for the first time in years, I cried a bit. I met some good people and I got another organization to help with.” Special thanks goes to Mark for his views and pictures of the Traveling Vietnam Memorial Wall event in Marquette. For photos for your next event, you can reach Mark Johnson at


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