The Beacon House Received Support from the Super One Foods Cook Out This Friday

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Couple enjoying steak sandwiches from Super One

Enjoying a steak sandwich at the Super One Foods Cookout

Marquette, MI  –  June 17, 2016  –  Sunny.FM joined Super One Foods today during their Father’s Day sale. As usual, Major Discount was there to bring you all the best deals! During the sale you could find price cuts on tasty Macinac Island Fudge Ice Cream squares and even salmon.

Outside Super One Foods was selling steak sandwiches, coleslaw and pop for just $4.00. All the proceeds from the lunch are going to be donated to the Beacon House during the Celebrity Golf Classic. The cook out will run Friday between 11am – 3pm. Make sure you stop by, grab lunch and support your local women’s shelter.

Listen to the live audio below:
Major Discount welcomes you to to the Beacon House Fundraiser at Super One Foods in Marquette
Lunch was just $4.00 at Super One Foods
Mike talks USDA Choice Ribeye steaks
Thousands of people showed up for the Super One cookout
The steak sandwiches were awesome
Candidate for Marquette County Sherrif Lowell Larson spoke with Major Discount
Margret Parker from the Beacon House on the radio
Super One Foods helps all kinds of charities
All proceeds from the fundraiser went to the Beacon House
Major Discount thanks you for tuning into the Super One Foods fundraiser for the Beacon House

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