Good Luck in California, RiLee!

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Rilee Waller and her going away cake

See? We love cake… I mean RiLee! Best of Luck to you, RiLee!

Marquette, MI  –  May 31, 2016  –  Hey, everyone here at Great Lakes Radio found another reason to eat cake today! This time it’s not a birthday though. Our very own IT Specialist, RiLee is moving to California soon to take a one-year internship at Intel. Intel! I’m sure RiLee and her brilliant mind will be a perfect fit there. She certainly was appreciated as one of our primary information technology mavens here doing everything from web work to detailed and professional maintenance and designs on Linux and Windows systems.

Now, we’re all very proud of RiLee and we’re pretty excited that she found such a great opportunity! But, we’re a little sad because we have to say goodbye (for a whole year!) and we sure are going to miss RiLee and her upbeat attitude and smiling face.

So what did we do? We gathered up all the staff at the station, cranked some tunes, and ate cake with RiLee! We’re hoping RiLee will still find the time to occasionally write a post to update us all on her wacky adventures in the Golden State.



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