Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball(46) vs Kingsford Flivvers (37) on Sunny.FM 12/17/13

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Negaunee Miners Girls Basketball VS Gladstone Braves from Gladstone, Michigan on Sunny.FM

Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball VS Kingsford Flivvers from Kingsford, Michigan on Sunny.FM

12/17/13 Kingsford, Michigan–  Carl Johnson the voice of the Negaunee Miners and Wayne Johnson traveled with the Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball team to Kingsford, Michigan tonight to bring you exciting basketball action against the Kingsford Flivvers on Sunny.FM.

Starting the first quarter the Negaunee Miners trailed the Kingsford Flivvers 3-2 in the first minutes, but turned it around quickly and gained the lead with a score of 6-3 halfway through the quarter. The Negaunee Miners hold strong and keep the lead 10-3 against the Kingsford Flivvers to end the quarter.

Second quarter play proved to remain a low scoring game with the Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball in the lead 14-7 against the Kingsford Flivvers in the early minutes. The Negaunee Miners held the lead against the Kingsford Flivvers with a score of 16-9 halfway through the second. The Negaunee Miners defense proved to be a driving force to help them maintain the lead to end the quarter 24-10 in Kingsford, Michigan.

The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball start the third quarter against the Kingsford Flivvers with a strong defense keeping the score at 24-10 early into the third quarter. The Kingsford Flivvers started to improve their game halfway through the quarter against the Negaunee Miners with a score of 24-17 in Kingsford, Michigan. The Kingsford Flivvers tighten the Negaunee Miners lead and the quarter ends 26-19.

The Negaunee Miners started the fourth quarter strong and lead the Kingsford Flivvers 31-24. Closing out the fourth quarter the Kingsford Flivvers put the pressure on the Negaunee Miners. However the Negaunee Miners Boy Basketball team hold strong and maintain the lead to defeat the Kingsford Flivvers with a score of 46-37!!

The Negaunee Miners defeat the Kingsford Flivvers in Kingsford, Michigan 46-37.

Be sure to join Carl Johnson and Jesse Anderson Thursday December 19th with exciting basketball action when Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball take on the Marquette Redmen in Negaunee, Michigan. Pre-game will start around 7:15 on Sunny.FM

LISTEN-FULL GAME- The Negaunee Miners Boys Basketball Defeat the Kingsford Flivvers 46-37 on Tuesday December 17th, 2013. mp3

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