Larson Officially Kicked Off Campaign for Marquette County Sheriff

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lowell johnson candidate for marquette county sheriff 2016

Lowell Johnson addresses the crowd at his campaign kickoff event in Marquette Township.

Marquette, MIFebruary 24, 2016 – Marquette County Sheriff candidate Lowell Larson kicked off his campaign last night at the Marquette Township Hall. He and his family mingled with those who attended, and then he addressed the group to introduce himself and his plan to supporters.

Larson spoke about his experience working with the Sheriff’s Office over the last 17 years and his plan to make the Sheriff’s Office more efficient by embracing new technology, improving coverage and response time with a take home car program, improving visibility in the community by putting deputies back in the schools, and reducing recidivism by improving addiction and mental health services for inmates.

Larson also spoke about his role as a community stakeholder, how five generations of his family are planted firmly in Marquette County, and his belief that he has a moral obligation to improve the county.

“I just don’t go in, do my job, and punch out,” Larson said. “I’m going to do the best job possible.”

Chocolay Township Police Chief Greg Zyburt and current Marquette County Undersheriff, Mike Klein are also running for Marquette County Sheriff in 2016. All three candidates are running on the Democratic ticket and the primary for the election is August 2.

For more information about Lowell Larson and his 2016 campaign for Marquette County Sheriff, visit his campaign website at

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