Eastwood is located in Negaunee and Norlite is located in Marquette
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Caring, Compassionate, Committed

Family-owned and operated nursing centers Norlite and Eastwood are looking for caring, compassionate, committed people to join their staff. When you apply to Norlite or Eastwood Nursing Center, you can go through the training process and become a Certified Nursing Assistant. They will provide you with real world experience with an six month minumum in-house residency to get you ready for the next step in your career!

Interested? Apply right from your computer or smartphone with their easy to use online web application! Click here

Call at Eastwood Team at (906) 475-7500 to follow up or for more information.

Take a Virtual Walk Through Norlite Nursing Center

Marquette, MI  –  February 1, 2019  –  Norlite Nursing Center of Marquette is a family-owned and operated facility that provides short or long term residents with a place to feel at home while they go through individualized treatments. The center is staffed with caring and compassionate staff members who work hard to make a residents […]

  Marquette, MI  –  November 26, 2018  –  Norlite and Eastwood Nursing Center offer their residents long or short team care services, but the facility also offer people the chance to start a brand new fulfilling career in the medical field. Becoming a Certified Nursing Assistant is the perfect first step for getting into medical […]

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Marquette, MI  –  September 13, 2018  –  Being a Certified Nursing Assistant can open the door to many future career possibilities. The position is the perfect starting point for getting into the nursing field, but there are so many more directions you can go! We took a trip over to Eastwood Nursing Center to met some staff […]

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Marquette, MI  –  July 24, 2018  –  Finding a career path that you actually love is a hard thing to do. Finding a profitable career path you enjoy is even harder. Family-owned and operated Norlite and Eastwood Nursing Centers can provide you with the first step toward that fulfilling, profitable career. Join the team at […]

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