Monday, August 19, 2019

Sunny 1019 About Page

Sunny 1019 is amazing. I haven’t met a person in town that doesn’t love Sunny. The station is so connected with the community and features riveting interviews by the master Walt Lindala with beneficial nugget vignettes for all walks of life.

Sunny 1019 over 20 years old! I mean Sunny is a big, grown up station boasting 50 thousand watts of AC power that reaches for a hundred miles, blanketing 200,000 people with a very pleasant mix of Adult Contemporary music.

Sunny 1019 carefully strings together Adult contemporary songs with lush, soothing and highly polished qualities in our music. Sunny 1019 emphasizes melodies and harmonies melodic enough to keep your attention, and Sunny 1019 is inoffensive and pleasurable enough to work well as background music.

Deedee always captures your imagination midday’s on Sunny 1019 as she twists your mind into 5th gear with word teasers and health tips sure to get your heart beating.

Each afternoon, Sunny 1019 will test your movie knowledge with free tickets to the movies followed by pleasant music, meshing acoustic guitars, pianos, saxophones, and sometimes an orchestral set mixed in with today’s pulsating instruments.

At night, after the lights go out, Sunny 1019 songs tend to be heavy on romantic ballads which mostly use acoustic instruments though we extenuate the bass guitar for a pleasurable thump on the low end. Listening to Delilah evenings makes you realize you might not have it as bad as you think.

And then there’s the on-line experience…it is what university students and moms everywhere claim the hottest website resource in the Midwest. Have you heard the Sunny 1019 on-line experience? Hang on to your mouse pad, because we are ready to blow some fresh air into your Pentium 7 as you snuggle up to all kinds of useful goodies only at

From the pulsating synthesizers of the 80’s, to Maroon 5 and the top 30 songs of the day, there’s nothing quite like Sunny 1019